Complete Diagnostics and Repair

Computer diagnostics and fixing slow, freezing and crashing computers is one of our specialties. We’ll do a thorough scan of your system to identify the issue, which could be a virus infiltration, outdated hardware or software, or something else. Call us before you throw away your computer or laptop. We might just save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by diagnosing and fixing your computer like new.

Why You Should Contact Phillips Computer Repair For Your Slow Computer:

  • Honest Feedback: We aren’t going to just sell you extra parts or service on a system that is too outdated. We’ll give you an honest assessment and tell you whether it’s more cost effective to have us repair the current system or to get a new computer.
  • Computer Tune-Ups For Speed: The worst thing about sick computers is that they tend to be very slow. That extra time to wait on a file or webpage to open is not only frustrating, but it’s also costing you money in productivity. Whether the problem is annoying pop-ups or a system that needs a tune-up, we’ll get your computer or laptop zooming again.
  • Data Recovery: If you do have to move on from that old non-supported Windows XP or other systems, don’t worry about the hassle of moving all your files and software. We can do that for you. Our experts can recover data from your old machine and easily get you all set up on a new one in no time.

Have a slow or freezing computer? Call us for a fast diagnosis: 816-419-0340